Approaches and strategies

  • Strategising: Identify and leverage opportunities rather than problems
  • Integrating: Integrate climate adaptation actions and gender equality, disability and social inclusion (GEDSI)
  • Trialing and Learning: Trial different models of inclusive research and dialogue in select policy processes
  • Supporting Emerging, Homegrown Talent: Supporting young and emerging researchers through fellowship programs
  • Positioning in Policy Processes: Focused on building relationships, trust, acceptance and networks



  • Climate change, livelihood, and migration
  • Climate-resilient technologies in the agriculture sector
  • Inclusive and quality education
  • Rethinking rural development models
  • Re-imagining ASEAN
  • Women, Peace, and Security

*The program’s focus is flexible; while it begins with selected policy issues, it can adapt to include other policy issues or shift focus as it progresses.