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Call for the Expression of Interest for Ponlok Chomnes Innovation Fund
  • Date: Tuesday, 14 November 2023 12:00 am > Friday, 15 December 2023 5:00 pm
  • Attending: 0
  • Location: Phnom Penh

Ponlok Chomnes Innovation Fund is for Cambodian organisations to conduct joint activities (research, communication [1], or dialogue) with relevant government agencies by using inclusive approaches to address inclusive climate resilience; digital transformation; situation, needs, and access of GEDSI [2] accessing public services; women, peace, and security; and other policy-relevant topics.

Program Name Ponlok Chomnes II: Data and Dialogue for Cambodia Development
Funding Mechanism Competitive Process
Mode of Submission Electronically via:
Closing Date and Time for EoI 5:00 pm on 15 December 2023
Queries Email:
EoI Online Question and Answer Session date 1:30 to 2:30 pm on 22 November 2023 through Zoom (Cambodia Time)
EoI/Application Form

Partnership through Ponlok Chomnes Innovation Fund

For Whom Cambodian organisations conducting joint research activity(ies) with relevant government agency(ies) to promote inclusive research; communication and/or dialogue that contribute to inclusive policy processes in Cambodia.
Amount Up to USD 25,000
Duration 8 to 12 Months
Support by Ponlok Chomnes Program Technical and networking support where possible


No Basic Eligibility Criteria
1 Applicants must be Cambodian entities, specifically non-partisan, non-profit organisations, or public university-based research institutions
2 All applicants must be officially registered with the Royal Government of Cambodia


No Additional Criteria
1 Policy-relevance: Topics should directly pertain to current policy priorities and considerations.
2 Inclusion: Initiatives must actively involve and reflect a diverse range of groups and perspectives. For example, initiatives implemented by under-represented groups, and initiatives implemented in remote provinces are highly considered.
3 Innovation: Proposals should present novel approaches and models to trial action research, effective communication and inclusive dialogues.
4 Collaboration: Innovation Partners should partner with pertinent government agencies.


Stage Stages Timeframe
Stage 1: Expression of Interest (Khmer/English) EoI publicised 15 November 2023
EOI Online Question and Answer Session 1:30 to 2:30 pm on 22 November 2023 through Zoom (Cambodia Time)
EoI with concept note submitted 15 December 2023
Stage 2: Shortlisting Process Five applicants shortlisted 18-29 December 2023
Nomination of six shortlisted applicants to DFAT for final confirmation 2-10 January 2024
Conditionally approved finalists notified 15 January 2024
Stage 3: Due diligence Due diligence process 22-31 January 2024
Stage 4: Notification of selected grantees and funding release Grantee finalises concept note, budget, and grant period 5-16 February 2024
Approximate date for grant agreement 19-29 February 2024
Stage 5: Grant activities Grant implementation begins  1 March 2024


[1] Communication refers to communication of research findings meaning that packaging policy research (existing or new) into different formats to communicate to a diverse audience, for example, translating policy research into policy briefs for policymakers, utilising infographics for media dissemination, and simplifying language to enhance understanding amongst the general public or target community and accessible to women, members of the LGBTI and indigenous communities, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups.

[2] GEDSI – Gender Equality, Disability, and Social Inclusion