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Ponlok Chomnes National Policy Forum: Cambodia’s COVID-19 Recovery Pathways
  • Date: Tuesday, 23 November 2021 8:30 am > Wednesday, 24 November 2021 5:00 pm
  • Attending: 0
  • Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

In Cambodia, various studies have been produced by local research institutes, think tanks, non-government organizations, and government institutions to inform decisions and policies that respond to the country’s needs, particularly in the context of COVID-19. This crisis has made the task of developing highly effective public policies and government programs even more critical than ever. Timely data and analysis are vital in this situation to enable policymakers and development partners to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes on health, security, social stability and inclusion, and economic resilience. The government has demonstrated an openness to data-informed approaches during the pandemic, a trend that the Ponlok Chomnes: Data and Dialogue for Development in Cambodia program aims to support.

Subsequently, Ponlok Chomnes’ Core Partners[1] and Emerging Research Partners[2] have conducted various pieces of research that examine the impacts of COVID-19 on various sectors in Cambodia, including education, tourism, urban issues, garment, economic, and others. The research provides on-the-ground and sophisticated data and contributes towards an increased and deeper understanding of the actual impacts of the pandemic on citizens as well as vulnerable groups.

The Ponlok Chomnes National Policy Forum (NPF) will be a platform for knowledge producers such as think tanks, academia, researchers and other non-traditional research organizations to showcase their findings, discuss, exchange knowledge and network with knowledge users, including policy makers and policy practitioners from state and non-state organizations who need knowledge to inform their policymaking for post-Covid-19 recovery.

Objectives of Ponlok Chomnes National Policy Forum

The objectives of the Ponlok Chomnes NPF are to:

  • Communicate research and data that responds to policy needs to better inform Cambodia’s Covid-19 response,
  • Promote the knowledge exchange and policy discussion between policy makers and stakeholders that contribute to COVID-19 recovery plan, and;
  • Create an enabling environment where knowledge sector actors meet to discuss and broaden their network to build a strong knowledge sector community in Cambodia.


The NPF will be conducted using three types of formats:

  1. Keynote Addresses by Policymakers: To be delivered during a high-level opening session to serve diplomatic, political, and visibility objectives.
  2. Plenary Discussions: Aims to promote active discussion between participants that consist of policymakers, researchers, and policy practitioners from government, think tanks, and NGOs. Recognizes the valuable ideas and experiences of both speakers and participants.
  3. Young Researchers Platform: Policy Brief Presentations: Presentation sessions focus on policy research convened through an open call for abstracts, to provide a platform to young researchers and thinkers to share their knowledge on policy issues and solutions.

While the NPF is anticipated to be a blended event, given the evolving situation of the pandemic, Ponlok Chomnes shall also be prepared to adapt its NPF into a virtual event. This is to be determined in alignment with government prescribed norms and regulations.

Expected Participants

The Ponlok Chomnes NPF will target diverse stakeholders, including policymakers, development partners, academia, experts and researchers, civil society, and the media.

Press or Media

A press release and press kit will be developed and shared with relevant news agencies via email. They will also be available for download from the Policy Pulse Initiative (PPI) website ( before the event.

Stay engaged with us on social media using the following hashtags: #PonlokChomnes, #KnowledgeSector, #NationalPolicyForum2021, among other related hashtags.

[1] Ponlok Chomnes’ Core Partners include Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI); Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace (CICP); Center for Khmer Studies (CKS); Centre for Policy Studies (CPS); and Future Forum (FF). For more information, please click this link.

[2] Ponlok Chomnes’ Emerging Research Partners include The Affiliated Network for Social Accountability – Cambodia (ANSA); Department of Tourism, Royal University of Phnom Penh (DoT-RUPP); Khmer Association for Development of Countryside (KAFDOC); New Generation Pedagogical Research Center (NGPRC), Kampuchea Action to Promote Education (KAPE); Komar Rikreay Association (KMR); My Village Organization (MVi); VBNK; Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC); Analyzing Development Issues Centre (ADIC); and Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability (CISA). For more information, please click this link.