PUBLISHED: 27 August 2019

Pay and Remuneration

A. Establish and implement the payment of civil servants and contractual staff salaries through banking system using ICT: setting up and implementing “Drag and Drop System” between MoCS and General Department of National Treasury and banking partners and widely in all 25 capital/provinces

B. Integrate payment of contractual staff salaries into a common database of civil servants and pay via banking system

C. Revise civil service pay system by reviewing basic salaries, functional allowances and other allowances for civil servants to ensure consistency, equity, productivity and responsiveness to priorities of the Royal Government of Cambodia as well as to support service delivery and improved productivity: a minimum salary of all civil servants was modified and raised from 344,000Riels (2013) to 700,500 Riels (2016). Functional allowances of education and health sectors where the minimum total monthly salary of teachers at primary school was increased from 402,800 Riels (2013) to 800,500 Riels (2016) and the minimum total monthly salary of primary nurses and midwifes was increased from 360,000 Riels (2013) to 800,500 Riels (2016) as well as the wages of contractual teachers at primary institutions were also raised.

D. Revise basic salaries index and minimum and maximum functional allowances of police and armed forces to ensure consistency with civil servants

E. Develop and implement a budget forecasting system for personnel costs