PUBLISHED: 27 August 2019

Policy Implementation

a. Primary Education: MoEYS introduced a child-friendly school (CFS) policy with the vision to provide all school-aged children with enrolment and learning up to at least basic education with quality and effectiveness in order to develop their personality.
b. Secondary Education and Technical Education: MoEYS developed a policy on secondary school resource centres with the vision to establish centres of excellence in learning; these centres provide learning opportunities to communities and build a strong knowledge foundation to achieve pillars of education on training, further education and human resource development with quality, productivity and equity. MoEYS formulated a framework to issue provisional certificates and technical and vocational degrees levels 3 and developed vocational orientation materials for lower secondary education. Technical education curriculum at secondary level has been approved and officially launched.
c. Higher Education: MoEYS formulated a policy on education research with the vision to build human resources with high knowledge, skill, morality, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial ability.