Prakas on Media Code of Conduct on Reporting Violence Against Women

A joint Prakas was issued by the Ministry Women’s Affairs and the Ministry Information. The Prakas aims to protect women’s reputation and dignity when being reported on the news. In case of violence against women, the Prakas bans the media from publishing the information that reveals their identity. Moreover, it also forbids the media on […]

Establishing broadcasting​​​​​​​ sub-committee

After the​​​broadcasting committee was created according to the Decision 302 dated on May 05, 2015, it decided to create four sub-committees based on the Decision 393 dated on October 01, 2015, and the Decision 270 dated on July 25, 2016. – sub-committee for television work -sub-committee for FM radio work -subcommittee for journalism publishing work […]

Child protection and development policy

On 1August 2014, child protection and development policy was officially announced by Prime Minister Hun Sen and to implement this policy effectively, the government produced a sub-decree on the appointment of the members of child protection and development committee dated, 26 March 2014.Based on the sub-decree, MoI requested the child protection and development committee to […]

National Radio

The national radio was broadcasted via internet, the website ( and DTV Channel 85.

The drafting of “Access to information” law

Ministry of Information formed 3 sub-committees to work on the draft law on the “Access to Information”. Those three sub-committees were working on reviewing related legal documents domestically and internationally as the foundation for writing up provisions and chapters of the draft law. As of late, 50 per cent of the draft law has been […]