PUBLISHED: 27 August 2019

Court Structure

a. The Law on the Organization and Functioning of the Courts adopted in 2014 had established specialized courts within the existing structure of the courts of first instance. These specialized courts include: civil court, criminal court, commercial court and labor court. The law also provided that administrative body of the courts at all levels are placed under the central administration of the Ministry of Justice. The same law provided for the establishment of the regional Court of Appeal. Five specialized chambers have been established at the court of appeal. These include: criminal, civil, investigating, commercial and labor chamber. Whereas the supreme court has only four chambers: criminal, civil, commercial and labor chamber. Specialized courts and chambers may be established at all levels of courts, if deemed necessary.

b. Legal aid policy is developed, budgeted for and adopted: Ministry of Justice increases the national legal aid budget and develops a legal aid policy in line with the UN principles and guidelines on access to legal aid in criminal justice system.

c. A number of selected final judgments were compiled and published: publication of compilation of selected final judgments, with a view towards the eventual publication of judgments online.

d. The system of court register was created: Ministry of Justice monitors and evaluates the use of court registers.