Managing mineral exports

The ministry aims to maximize the price of mineral exports in order to improve the economy by setting basic principles in product evaluation before exporting, and determining conditions of the authorization to export mineral products. Mineral products can be exported under such conditions as: The long and short-term socio-economic benefits are greater than local treatment […]

Extractive Industry Governance Forum (EIGF)

As one of the reform agendas in Extractive Industry, Ministry of Mine and Energy officially launched Extractive Industry Governance Forum (EIGF) on January 31, 2017. EIGF is a platform aims at promoting a multi-stakeholder dialogue in policy and governance of the extractive sector in Cambodia. Multi-stakeholders including government, industry and civil society are allowed to […]

Mining Law

Cambodia’s new mining law is on track for adoption by the end of this year and will introduce a raft of reforms to the sector although the country’s mining tax will likely remain the same. It will add on to the existing Law on Mineral Resource Management and Exploitation from 2001. The law aims to […]

Safety measure

In response to a series of petrol fires and explosions that damaged property and claimed lives, as part of a new safety initiative, MME will require all petrol station owners to present a certificate acknowledging that their businesses follow risk-prevention protocols. Large fuel stations that handle more than 200 liters of petrol are required to […]

Oil price setting

The Ministry of Mines and Energy began studying and preparing regulations relevant to oil price management in Cambodia as a mean to set changing prices of gasoline in accordance with that on the international markets. Phnom Penh Post, 28 January 2015

Mining community

Cambodia’s first formal artisanal mining community has been established in Mondulkiri province as part of ongoing government efforts to legalize the activities of small-scale miners. Phnom Penh Post, 28 April 2015