PUBLISHED: 27 August 2019

Reform Plan (2015-2018)

a. One service One Standard: a development in strengthening the quality of tourism industry in issuing tourism license, environmental logo, logo of quality, and drafting law and regulation. Under this direction, there are a few initiatives:

  • Create training center on using online license system
  • Create commission on solving tourism dispute
  • Tour guide service:
    • Create online system to create to manage tour guide service
    • Encourage the inspection on tour guide service at local level through QR code in Phnom Penh and in Siem Reap
    • Create license management on tour guide at national level
    • Travel agencies and tourism operators:
      • Implement new Prakas dividing travel agency into four types, including incoming, outgoing travel agency and local tourism.
      • Study and create a system to manage tour operators.
      • Boost competition of Samdech Techo for green businesses in the tourism sector.
    • Adult entertainment center service:
      • Cooperate with Ministry of Environment to boost local tourism business
    • Hotel and tourist accommodation: continue boosting standardized “Cambodia Guesthouse” and “Cambodia Guesthouse, Khmer Guesthouse” campaign; as well as implement standard of “Asean Green Hotel”

b. One Employee One Expertise: is a development made in strengthening quality of training and capacity of tourism professionals:

  • manage and recognize tourism vocational school
  • provide training to match Asean standard
  • Train the senior trainers and promote in-house training
  • Training of tour guides at national and local level
  • Cooperate with AFD to open two Tourism Vocational Training Schools in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville
  • Strengthen the training in good hospitality

c. Creative and Innovative Tourism Product: is a development in strengthening on the capacity in promoting Cambodia tourism, preparing work related to the development of tourism product, and managing tourism resorts:

  • Strengthen capacity on promoting Cambodia tourism:
    • Prepare Cambodia Tourism market strategy 2016-2020
    • Have joined many international tourism exhibitions
    • Special policies to attract tourists, retirees and second housing policies to attract visitors
    • work related to tourism product development and management of tourist resorts:
      • prepared draft of standard of green resort
      • prepare Prakas on resort ranking in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap
      • draft on training for managing tourism resort
      • draft guidelines on the development of resort tourism in protected areas
      • cooperate with the Ministry of Economy and Finances to draft Prakas on the management of revenues and expenses from the tourist resorts
      • Prakas of granting tourism business license business tourism (underwater diving)
      • Prepare master development plan of Anlong Veng
      • Draft the standard of Tourist Information Center, draft of Cambodia MICE standard, draft of standard management of beaches etc…

d. The Use of Information Technology in Tourism Sector: aims to increase the regional and global competitiveness, participates in public reform of the royal government, promotes tourism sector in Cambodia, and increases national income:

  • organized an online registration for tourism licenses,( guide registration system and portal in order to simplify the search for information, knowledge, and training for tour guide.
  • organized a green business competition of Samdach Hun Sen ( and online hotel classification system(​.
  • The Ministry is also organizing mobile application “Kampuchea Guide (Visit Cambodia)” for local and international tourists.