What is knowledge sector?

Knowledge sector is the institutional landscape of government, private sector, and civil society organizations that provide research and analysis to support the development of public policy.

Why knowledge sector is important?

The Royal Government of Cambodia has an ambitious plan for Cambodia to be an upper-middle income country by 2030 and a high-income country by 2050. Realizing this plan will need thoughtful strategic planning to ensure these goals are achievable.  Resolving complex policy problems will need effective policy solutions to be formed using quality data and analysis collected and analysed by the knowledge sector actors. With a strong knowledge sector in Cambodia, it will help ensure that quality data and evidence are available to policy makers to form evidence-based policy. With evidence-based policy, it will help ensure inclusive and sustainable development.

What Ponlok Chomnes aim to contribute to the Knowledge Sector in Cambodia?

The Ponlok Chomnes program aims to strengthen the quality of knowledge production in Cambodia by providing support for Policy Research Institutes (PRI) and research organizations. The program hopes to contribute to increasing quality research in Cambodia, strengthen the networking and collaboration of research institutions in the country and in the region (mainly the ASEAN countries and Australia), and reinforce the positive policy dialogue mechanism in Cambodia.

Landscape of Knowledge Sector in Cambodia

As an evidence-based program, Ponlok Chomnes has commissioned a diagnostic assessment study on the landscape of the knowledge sector in Cambodia. The study aims to have a better understanding of the current situation of the Knowledge Sector as well as emerging development issues in Cambodia. The study also looks at the sector through the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) lens. The result of the study will be used to inform our program implementation strategy.

  1. The Knowledge Sector and Knowledge Producers in Cambodia: Situation, Challenges, and Programming Suggestions (2019/2020)
  2. A Diagnostic Study on the Policy Process and Use of Data: The Case of Cambodia and Insights from ASEAN (2021/2022)
  3. A Diagnostic Study on Cambodian Youth and the Knowledge Sector (2022)
  4. A Diagnostic Study on Open Data Intermediaries for Non-State Actors in Cambodia (2022)