Operating in Cambodia since 1999, Center for Khmer Studies is well known among international and Cambodian students and researchers as the first academically recognized institution to propose research fellowships, research travel grants, and Khmer translations of fundamental books such as History of Cambodia by David Chandler. Center for Khmer Studies is also known for publishing an independent trilingual research journal in French, English and Khmer, ensuring the visibility of Cambodian research at the global level while at the same time enabling Cambodian researchers’ access to high-quality international resources. As one of the oldest research institutions in Cambodia, Center for Khmer Studies has established very strong relationships with academic institutions, universities, and research centers in the US, in Europe, and Southeast Asia. Center for Khmer Studies has successfully developed and implemented research programs in cooperation with leading institutions and scholars, which have been funded by external donors and partners since 2000. All funds and resources have been managed with accountability and transparency.

Center for Khmer Studies Main Activities

  • The Center for Khmer Studies Research Library provides the largest library outside Phnom Penh the capital, with over 20,000 monographs, books, and journals, and publicly accessible computers.
  • Research Fellowships support the research and education of junior and senior scholars from Cambodia and overseas.
  • Research and Training Programs enable the training of Cambodian students, scholars, and faculties on several themes and topics and the publication of research reports that meet academic standards.
  • Conferences/Events present local and international, interdisciplinary workshops, conferences, and lectures in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh to establish professional partnerships between Cambodian and international scholars.
  • Publication program translates high-quality academic books into Khmer for the benefit of Cambodian scholars, and also publishes a research journal in 3 languages.

Partnership with Ponlok Chomnes

Under Ponlok Chomnes program, Center for Khmer Studies will have three main areas of focus:

  • Research: 1) Sustainable Urban Development to better understand how to increase the resilience of Cambodian cities, reduce vulnerabilities of its inhabitants, and help build greener urban ecosystems. 2) The New Economy, which aims to understand specific trends at the crossroad of social and economic development, such as Micro Loans and debt related to vulnerable households, or the digital economy, and urban economies etc.
  • Technical Capacity Development: support the development of comprehensive research capacity building programs, using social sciences and humanities research methods, to help local actors better understand “complex and sticky issues”.
  • Organizational Capacity Development: Build Center for Khmer Studies Cambodian research team in line with the above-mentioned research areas.

Publications by CKS under Ponlok Chomnes Program

Cambodia Urban Database

  • In 2021, CKS launch the Cambodia Urban Database to provide researchers and practitioners with a one-stop repository of resources on urban topics in Cambodia. As Cambodia’s urban areas rapidly grow and transform, high-quality research and data on the topic is critical to improving knowledge and policy-making – and so is making that research and data accessible to the public.

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