Operating in Cambodia since 1999, the Center for Khmer Studies (CKS) is eminent among international and Cambodian scholarly communities for its contributions to Cambodian studies and support for higher education in Cambodia. CKS has achieved this status through its quarter-century-long support of doctorate and post-doctorate research, junior scholar and language and culture training programs, research capacity building programs, and research library.  CKS is also well known for its publications program that provides Khmer translations of core texts, such as David Chandler’s History of Cambodia, and produces an independent trilingual research journal. As one of the earliest post-war academic organizations in Cambodia, CKS has established robust collaborative relationships with various universities, colleges, and research and cultural centers in the US, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. CKS has successfully developed and implemented research programs in cooperation with universities and colleges while supporting cutting-edge research by individual scholars through our fellowship and seminar programs and our library.  Funded by external donors and partners since its launch, CKS has consistently managed its resources with accountability, transparency, and care.

Center for Khmer Studies Main Activities

  • CKS’s research library provides the largest library outside the capital city of Phnom Penh, with over 20,000 material and digital items including monographs, books, theses, journals maps, newspapers, multimedia recordings, and publicly accessible computers.
  • Research fellowships support the research and education of doctorate and post-doctorate scholars from Cambodia and overseas.
  • Research and training programs enable the training of Cambodian students, scholars, and faculties on several themes and topics and the publication of research reports that meet academic standards.
  • Conferences/events include local and international interdisciplinary workshops, conferences, and lectures in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh to establish collaboration, academic exchanges, and professional partnerships between Cambodian and international scholars.
  • CKS’s publication program translates renowned scholarly texts into Khmer for the benefit of Cambodian scholars and also publishes a research journal in three languages.

Partnership with Ponlok Chomnes

Under the Ponlok Chomnes Program phase II, CKS aims to enhance access to knowledge, foster academic excellence, and facilitate impactful research. The program includes initiatives to expand and enrich CKS’s library resources and support a fellowship program for master’s students (Ponlok Chomnes Research Fellowship Program) focused on critical topics such as climate change, gender, inclusion, minorities, and diversity, as well as the completion of a comprehensive “Research Capacity Assessment” study. Additionally, CKS’s program under Ponlok Chomnes Stream II will offer research capacity building and library training workshops to further empower researchers and learners. CKS’s Ponlok Chomnes Stream II program will make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of Cambodia’s challenges and the development of the country’s younger generation.

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