GEDSI Consortium

The Ponlok Chomnes Program aims to promote the voices and perspectives of women, people with disabilities, and other socially disadvantaged groups by ensuring their meaningful participation in select policy issues. Therefore, the program has formed the Gender Equality, Disability, and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) Consortium consisting of expert organisations in gender, disability, and other socially disadvantaged groups to integrate the GEDSI lens into the program’s processes, activities, and operations. The GEDSI Consortium also provides the program and the program partners access to their wide range of local networks and groups in Cambodia such as indigenous, ethnic minorities, and marginalised communities.


Three Civil Society Organisations have been identified and sought partnership establishment to support GEDSI mainstreaming within the program. They encompass:


Within the 4-year program of the Ponlok Chomnes Program, the GEDSI Consortium will perform the following capacity-building and advisory roles:

  • Provide gender and disability capacity building to the program team and program partners;
  • Offer expert insights on specific needs and priorities of marginalised communities;
  • Advise the program partners’ activities such as research (review designs and proposals), effective communication, and inclusive dialogue;
  • Facilitate various target groups’ engagement at both national and sub-national levels;
  • Support the program on Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning to ensure GEDSI objectives and desired results are properly tracked, monitored, and reported;
  • Support Strategic Partners to create internal GEDSI policies to be utilised within the organisations (where relevant); and
  • Provide recommendations to the program (where relevant and based on request).