My Village (MVi) is a local Cambodian non-profit organisation (NGO) that was officially registered with the Ministry of Interior on January 25, 2007. With support from The Asia Foundation’s Ponlok Chomnes Program, with the support of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, MVi has become an emerging research think tank at the sub-national and national level focusing on community-based research for policy formulation. MVi has received awards for governance and professional practice (GPP) twice since 2012. MVi supports indigenous and rural communities in the three provinces of Stung Treng, Kratie, and Mondulkiri.  


Indigenous and local communities have more ownership and a better quality of life. 


Strengthen indigenous and local communities to become competent, fully recognised, and accountable local institutions for natural resource management and local development. 


  • Transparency and accountability create trust among relevant institutions. 
  • Learning creates room for initiative and increases work efficiency. 
  • Will leads to the achievement of organizational goals. 
  • Networking leads to stronger solidarity and good cooperation. 
  • Dignity increases institutional reputation. 


To improve the livelihoods and economic conditions of 90 indigenous, vulnerable communities. 


  • Natural Resource Management  
  • Climate change and community renewable energy options  
  • Modern agricultural production and markets  
  • Social accountability  
  • Organizational sustainability  
  • Vulnerable community and indigenous people livelihoods  
  • Community based research  


Under the Ponlok Chomnes Phase II, MVi aims to enhance community-based research at the commune and village level focusing on analysis of commune budget allocation for climate change and its impacts on marginalised communities, including case studies of commune administrations in Stung Treng province. The research consists of four objectives: 

  • To assess the current budget allocation practices of commune administrations for climate change-related projects in Stung Treng Province. 
  • To analyse the participation of marginalised groups in community budgeting for climate change solutions in Stung Treng Province. 
  • To examine the effects of climate change projects funded through the commune administration budget on marginalised groups in Stung Treng Province. 
  • To identify the key constraints faced by commune administrations in allocating budgets for climate change initiatives in Stung Treng Province. 

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