University-Industry Cooperation Center (UICC) has been established at the National University of Battambang (NUBB) with the support of GIZ, to provide technical assistance to local small and medium enterprises (SMEs). UICC works with lecturers and students in different areas, such as food processing, agriculture, animal science, information technology, civil engineering, electricity, electronics, and automation, to conduct research activities and to provide technology transfer services to local industries in North-West Cambodia.  

UICC’s Main Activities 

UICC has initiated technology transfer services and technological extension services to support SMEs to gain a competitive advantage in both domestic and international markets.  

UICC has already completed one management training program and three technology transfer projects. Professors work with the project manager to implement technology transfer for local SMEs, using students as research staff.  

Partnership with Ponlok Chomnes 

UICC cooperates with The Asia Foundation under the Ponlok Chomnes Innovation Fund to apply supply-driven technology transfer services to support local SMEs in North-West Cambodia, in addition to the demand-driven technology transfer services to provide technological support to the local SMEs. UICC is working to develop stronger agricultural practices, implement quality standards for three commercial products, and create a website that will provide SMEs information about the management and technology training program. 

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