The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit and autonomous think tank to serve public interests of Cambodia. Registered with the Ministry of Interior on 20 November 2014, CPS has been conducting studies in the areas of agriculture, land, and labour, mostly on competitive bidding and grants based on competition for projects called for by government, development partners, and non-governmental organizations. Some of the studies and services CPS has undertaken are for policy consideration and intervention in terms of project formulation and implementation. CPS is a valued partner and a resource to many government agencies, development partners, civil society organization, and research institutions in Cambodia and overseas. CPS now employs 12 full time members (seven female), and is governed by a Board of five directors.

CPS’s Main Activities

  • Research priority topics and issues in the agriculture, land, labour, and resources sectors
  • Provide innovative and practical policy recommendations to government, private sector, and civil society organizations based on research findings and objective analysis
  • Contribute to national socio-economic policy dialogues in meetings, conferences, and consultations
  • Advocate and disseminate constructive and innovative ideas through both formal (publications and the media) and informal ways
  • Promote a shared country vision and values of Cambodia
  • Increase the understanding of sound public policy among stakeholders and the public.

Partnership with Ponlok Chomnes

CPS has partnered with Ponlok Chomnes since the beginning of the Program in 2019. With the support in Phase I, CPS has improved the capacity of both individual researchers and institutional management. Moreover, CPS conducted more research and policy dialogues on relevant topics, namely, assessing agricultural job opportunities after post COVID-19 economic recovery in Cambodia, and the assessment of agricultural cooperatives for public, private, and producer partnerships in Cambodia.

​Under the Ponlok Chomnes Program phase II (2023-2027), CPS aims to carry out two more research with a focus on inclusivity, to communicate findings more effectively, and to organize more productive policy dialogues.

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