Meet SheThinks Network Members

  1. Bopharath Sry, Research and Partnership Manager, Credit Bureau Cambodia
  2. Bossaba Benghong Siela, Research Assistant, CDRI
  3. Bunly Thon, Young Fellow, Alumni
  4. Chankoulika Bo, Director, Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports
  5. Chanleap Pin, Senior Research Officer, BBC Media Action
  6. Chanvoitey Horn, Consultant, UNDP
  7. Chanda Sem, Gender Consultant Specialist, World Bank
  8. Chhakrey Kleang, Senior Executive of Demand Planning, Khmer Beverages
  9. Dalis Sar, Project Officer, EnergyLab Cambodia
  10. Darlin Nay, Young Research Fellow, Batch 2021 at Future Forum
  11. Hengvottey So, Research Assistant, CDRI
  12. Jenny Symaly, Research Assistant, CDRI
  13. Kanika Montha, Master Data Manager, Heineken
  14. Keomuda Vanly, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Officer, USAID Greening Prey Lang
  15. Khantey You Saokeo, Research Associate, CDRI
  16. Kimkanika Ung, Researcher and Lecturer, Royal University of Phnom Penh
  17. Kimlin Chou, Research and Local development official, National School of Local Administration, Ministry of Interior
  18. Laura Beckwith, Research Fellow, Northumbria University
  19. Leabphea Chin, Policy Officer, Cambodian Rehabilitation and Development Board of the Council for the Development of Cambodia
  20. Leakhena Khon, Researcher, Center for Policy Studies
  21. Leakhena Sok, Chief of International Affairs Research Department, General Secretariat of Senate
  22. Lengsea Eng, Head of the department, Calmette Hospital
  23. Lyheang Nao, Officer, PSI
  24. Mengyou Sour, Assistance Researcher, The Glocator Research and Consulting
  25. Mony Reach, Australia Awards Scholar, Australian National University (ANU)
  26. Mouyleng Khan, Managing Director, The Glocator Research and Consulting
  27. Muyngim Eng, Researcher, University of Puthisaatra
  28. Nareth Chhoun, Chief of the Executive Board, Wedu Cambodia
  29. Phasy Res, PhD Candidate, Sorbonne Paris 1 University
  30. Phoury Bun, Research Associate, CDRI
  31. Pirom Khiev, Research Associate, CDRI
  32. Rattana Ny, Office Chief,  Ministry of Interior
  33. Ret Thaung, Biodiversity and Science Manager, Conservation International Cambodia Program
  34. Rothsophal Nguon, Center Director, Center for Environmental Research Organization and A Representative of Southeast Asia Foundation in Cambodia
  35. Samedy Suong, Deputy Director, Center for Khmer Studies
  36. Samneang Min, Master’s degree Candidate, The University of Auckland
  37. Samphors Mech, Ph.D student, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanity
  38. Saren Keang, PhD Student, University of Guelph
  39. Saren Sovann, Clinical Research Technician, Institute Pasteur du Cambodge
  40. Sereyroth Lim, Social Development and Gender Specialist, Freelance Consultant
  41. Sesokunthideth Chrea, Research Associate, CDRI
  42. Sivcheng Lak, Officer, Department of Public Work and Transport in Phnom Penh Capital
  43. Socheata Pen, Lecturer, IISPP, RUPP
  44. Socheata Touch, Co-founder and CEO, WeMall
  45. Socheath Eng, Research Assistant, General Secretariat, Committee on Economic and Financial Policy, Ministry of Economy and Finance
  46. Sokcheng Phay, Evaluation Specialist, CAVAC
  47. SokEng Khun, Assistance Researcher, Center for Policy Studies
  48. Sokha Eng, Ph.D Student, University of Massachusetts Boston
  49. Sokhouy Meng, Junior Researcher and Communication Officer, Future Forum
  50. Sokkanha Duong, M&E, VVOB
  51. Sokserei Ean, Deputy Section Chief, Asia Euro University
  52. Sokunnara Thlen, Research Manager, Havas Riverorchid Group Cambodia
  53. Sophanich Sa, Research and Development Assistant
  54. Sophany San, Director for CGIS, CDRI
  55. Sopharoth Ith, Master’s degree Candidate, Standford University
  56. Sopheakpanha Saut, Program Coordinator, The University of Puthisastra
  57. Sopheara Sin, Deputy Chief Officer, The Public Policy Analysis Office of the Department of Budget Research of the Secretariat General of the Senate of Cambodia
  58. Soriya Theang, Junior researcher (former position), Future Forum (former work place)
  59. Sorphea Sok, MSc in Maritime Law and Policy at the World Maritime University
  60. Sorsesekha Nok, Research Assistant, CDRI
  61. Sowinta Kay, Project Officer, Landell Mills International Ltd
  62. Sreymom Pol, Research Project Manager/Consultant Angkor Research and Consultant Ltd
  63. Sreyneang Chhern, Research Manager, Spear Insights
  64. Sreytouch Vong, Research Fellow, Nossal Institute for Global Health
  65. Swe Zin Linn Phyu, Head of International Relation Department, Asia Euro University
  66. Thaung Ret, Biodiversity and Science Senior Coordinato, Conservation International
  67. Theavy Chhom, Researcher, CDRI
  68. Thida Kim, PhD Student, University of Hong Kong
  69. Tineke Water, Director of Research / Academic Advisor, University of Puthisastra and Future Forum
  70. Uylim Ung, Research Assistant, CDRI
  71. Vouchnea Tang, WASH and Health Program Officer, WaterAid
  72. Yangny Chakriya, Deputy chief, Research office, ministry of commerce