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Ponlok Chomnes Provincial Policy Forum on Local Knowledge Matters: Impact of COVID-19 on Vulnerable Groups
  • Date: Thursday, 18 August 2022
  • Time: 8:00 am > 5:00 pm
  • Attending: 0
  • Location: Battambang Province and via Zoom

About the “Ponlok Chomnes: Data and Dialogue for Development in Cambodia” Program

With support from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), The Asia Foundation’s “Ponlok Chomnes: Data and Dialogue for Development in Cambodia” program aims to strengthen the capacity of knowledge sector institutions to undertake quality research that informs public policy analysis and dialogue in Cambodia.

Ponlok Chomnes has been supporting its Core Partners and Emerging Research Partners to conduct various pieces of research that examine the impacts of COVID-19 on various sectors including the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable groups​ such as children and indigeuous people in Cambodia. The research provides on-the-ground and sophisticated data and contributes towards an increased and deeper understanding of the actual impacts of the pandemic on citizens at national and local level.

Timely data and evidence are vital for policymakers and development partners to make better decisions during this crisis and achieve better outcomes on improving Cambodia’s health system as well as the socio-economic development.

While national data is significant for national level policymaking, local level knowledge and/or data is important to focus on issues emerging at the local level; thereby contributing to interventions by local authorities that are tailored to the needs of people on the ground.

Therefore, in collaboration with its emerging research partners namely: Khmer Association for Development of Countryside (KAFDOC), Komar Rikreay Association (KMR), and My Village Organization (MVi); the Ponlok Chomnes program is organizing a Provincial Policy Forum  to convene provincial government representatives, local NGOs, as well as knowledge producers to showcase their research, discuss, exchange knowledge and network with knowledge users, including policy makers and policy practitioners at the provincial level (from provinces Battambang, Kratie, and Stung Treng). This Provincial Policy Forum aims to build knowledge to inform policymaking at the subnational level.

Objectives of Ponlok Chomnes Provincial Policy Forum

The objectives of the Ponlok Chomnes PPF are to:

  • Communicate research and data that responds to policy needs to better inform Cambodia’s COVID-19 response to the needs of vulnerable groups at the provincial level,
  • Promote the knowledge exchange and policy discussion by policy makers and stakeholders at the national and provincial level, and;
  • Create an enabling environment where knowledge sector actors meet to discuss and broaden their network to build a strong knowledge sector community at the provincial level.

Tentative Agenda



































The PPF will be conducted using two types of formats:

  1. Keynote Addresses by Policymakers: To be delivered during a high-level opening session to serve diplomatic, political, and visibility objectives.
  2. Plenary Discussions: To promote active discussion between participants that consists of policymakers, researchers and policy practitioners from the government, think tanks, and NGOs. This recognizes valuable ideas and experiences that both speakers and participants contribute to.

While the Provincial Policy Forum is anticipated to be a blended event, given the evolving situation of the pandemic, Ponlok Chomnes shall also be prepared to adapt the Forum into a virtual event. This is to be determined in alignment with government prescribed norms and regulations.

Expected Participants

The Ponlok Chomnes Provincial Policy Forum will target diverse stakeholders at national and provincial level, including policymakers, development partners, academia, experts and researchers, university students, and civil society.

Stay engaged with us on social media using the following hashtags: #PonlokChomnes, #KnowledgeSector, #ProvincialPolicyForum2022, among other related hashtags.