PUBLISHED: 27 August 2019


a. Community Fisheries: There are 516 communities with 332 168 members (35% female). Among those, 370 communities have formally been registered and recognized by MAFF. 14 communities have already submitted their applications and 23 communities are in the process of applying.
b. Fishery conservation: In the process to fight against illegal fishing, MAFF has been created 50 more conservation stations. In total, there are 491 conservation stations in the country (364 are fishery conservation communities).
c. Aquaculture: 65 000 households have received technical training on fish raising from MAFF and 154 farmers have volunteered to disseminate information on fish raising technique to the local people.
d. Illegal fishing crackdown: MAFF has built 16 more patrol stations in conservation areas in some provinces for effective illegal fishing crackdowns. In 2014, there is a decrease in number of illegal fishing cases comparing to 2013 (140 less cases).

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