PUBLISHED: 27 August 2019

Human Resource Management and Development

A. Revised civil servant’s categories, ranks, and steps. Categories of the civil servants have been reduced from 4 to 3 categories (A, B, and C).
B. Issued sub-decree on management and arrangement of teaching services at public primary schools
C. Develop a 3-year rolling HR plan and legal regulations for trainings
D. Set up database for managing competency profile and skills of civil servants based on the mechanism that it is needs-based employment planning (databases of priority skills of education and health sectors)
E. Develop short-term training programs for senior and middle management level and newly recruited officials
F. Develop a Particular Statute for Personnel of Sub-National Administration
G. Develop and introduce systems to monitor attendance and performance of civil servants
H. Develop and launch Performance Management System and Reward System for management positions at national and sub-national levels
I. Review and improve management structures, operational management, and capacity development of Human Resources Unit or Department in ministries/institutions at national and sub-national levels
J. Review and improve human resources management processes and procedures at national and sub-national level
K. Conduct functional and structural review as well as the use of human resources of MoEYS and MoH
L. Develop and implement ICT-based HRM for ministries/institutions at national and sub-national level
M. Mainstream gender issues in civil service