PUBLISHED: 27 August 2019

Improvement of Public Service Quality

A. Develop and implement monitoring and evaluation system for assessing the quality and effectiveness of public service delivery in Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and Ministry of Health.

B. Update the public service compendiums 2, 5, 6, and 7

C. Improve procedures and mechanisms of key public service delivery that are directly linked to citizens’ standard of living such as assessing and developing workflows for provision of construction license, business registration, land registration, civil registration, passport and ID card, conducting research to identify the priority services at various ministries/institutions, drafting a Royal Decree on public service delivery, and developing and implementing One Window Service Mechanism in MoCS.

D. Conduct functional and operational reviews of public services that are directly linked to daily life of civil servants: preparing timely payment of mission allowance via banking system and developing procedures for placement civil servants into retirement and provide them immediate payment upon retirement

E. Revise procedures and mechanisms for public service delivery that are directly implemented by competent or delegated institutions: establishing an emergency call center, monitoring and evaluating on mechanisms of Special Operating Agencies (SOAs), Public Administration Establishments, Public Enterprises and One Window Service (OWS), and strengthening public services dispute resolution mechanisms in MoCS

F. Establish and implement feedback and complaint mechanisms for service users in ministries/institutions and sub-national administrations

G. Assess and promote the use of ICT in public service delivery: establishing a national database to manage civil servants, contractual staff and public servants who receive salary and allowances from national budget and setting up ICT-based public service delivery into system within the public administration