PUBLISHED: 27 August 2019

Establishment of new entities and improved recruitment process

a. New entities has been created to better serve business communities and promote trade (9 new departments and 2 Directorate Generals). These include:
b. General Directorate of Trade Promotion: Consist of four departments including Department of Trade Fair and Exhibition, Department of Trade Policy, Department Market Affair, Trade Representative (abroad)
c. General Directorate of Trade Support Services: Consist of three departments including Department of Business Registration, Department of Intellectual Property Rights, Department of Import-Export
d. General Directorate of International Trade: Consist of two departments including Department of America, Department of Europe, Africa, and Middle East
e. General Directorate of Domestic Trade: Consist of two departments including Department of Private Sector Development, and Trade Training and Research Institute
f. Consolidated the Generalized System of Preference (GSP) department into a new Department of Import and Export Services to better serve the private sector
g. A merit-base recruitment process was used for the first time to select the heads of department.

See orginal documents here and here.