PUBLISHED: 7 January 2020

Provincial departments of commerce to be allowed to issue D Forms

The Ministry of Commerce is delegating the issuance of D Forms for certificates of origin to provincial departments of commerce across the country by 2020 to facilitate business activity and exports.

A certificate of origin (CO) is an official document used to certify that a product was produced or manufactured in a country. It is a key document required by buyers. The CO of a ‘D form’ must be obtained by firms that sell products to ASEAN countries and so far the scheme has reached 16 provinces, allowing provincial authorities to issue the form and enhance cooperation between national and provincial authorities. According to the ministry, applying for the D form at a provincial department of commerce takes 16 hours, compared with ten days to two weeks if the application is made at the Ministry of Commerce in Phnom Penh.

Khmer Times, January 6, 2020