PUBLISHED: 27 August 2019

Health System Governance

a. MoH (as of May 2015) provides comprehensive access to public health services through the Health Equity Fund covering 100 per cent of poor population estimated at 3.2 million. In addition to medical services, the HEF also provides direct support for transportation and caretaker food allowances.
b. The annual budget is transferred from the central office to health centres in the provinces through a banking system
c. A national web-based Patient Management and Registration System (PMRS) has been established to provide unique National Health Identifiers (NHID) to all patients registered in 40/93 hospitals for all patients. All 93 hospitals use the PMRS for registration of the poor under the Health Equity Fund. Approx. 700,000 unique patients registered to date.
d. Five health professional councils have been established by Royal Decree. They are for Medical Practitioners (2000), Dentists (2005), Midwives (2006) Nurses (2007) and Pharmacists (2010). Under the existing law, it is mandatory for health professionals to be registered and pay an annual fee to their respective council. It provides a mechanism for the setting and monitoring of professional codes and standards of care provided by registered health professionals to patients.