Functional transfer in metrology sector

The ministry has delegated some functions to municipal and provincial Department of Industry and Handicrafts. Monitoring of metrology equipment (non-automatic scale, scale for weighing valuable items [gold, platinum, or diamond], nozzle used at gas station, and gas measuring instruments) Monitoring of manufactured goods and packaged goods which have been produced and sold at the market.

Functional Transfer

In 2016 the ministry has finished preparing the list of functional analysis of the ministry and the four General Departments (General Department of Industry, General Department of Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicrafts, National Metrology Center, and Institute of Standards of Cambodia). The functions that should be transferred to subnational administration which is the municipal […]

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Park

To attract investor, reduce cost, and to ensure sustainable market, the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts has cooperated with private sector to pilot building an SMEs park in Kandal province. The Ministry has also proposed feasibility study to create another two SMEs parks in two different provinces which are kompong Chhnang and Kompong Cham. In […]

The Water Supplier Monitoring System (WSMS)

The Department of Potable Water Supply of the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft together with the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) build a public website which allows water operators to use this system to submit their reports electronically, so to fulfill their reporting obligation as required by the ministerial Prakas. MIH uses this system to […]

Improving access to and quality of urban drinking water supply

As activities to improve access to and quality of urban drinking water supply, National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2014-2018 envisages the following actions: • Develop a legal framework for urban water supply • Promote decentralization and de-concentration in the urban water supply sector • Transfer full autonomy for service delivery to all provincial waterworks • […]

One Window Service Office

It was established to facilitate the process of business registration, new license application, extension of license, and other related documents. * The ministry has created one window service office and one roof office with the implementation of online enterprise and handicrafts registration. This intends to accelerate service delivery, reduce time, eliminate bureaucracy, and to gain […]

Industrial Development Policy 2015-2025 (approved by the Cabinet Ministers on March 6, 2015)

The policy would diversify the economy, decreasing its dependence on traditional sectors, like garments, tourism and agriculture, and directing foreign direct investment towards agro-businesses, handicrafts and light manufacturing. The policy framework will consist of four pillars: attracting FDI to boost industrial development in the domestic private sector; modernizing small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and linking […]

Online registration platform for SMEs

The online registration, a means of cutting through bureaucracy, can reduce corruption and ensure transparency. Start-up capital of $3,000 or more would be able to register using the new process, which will take businesses just two to three days to complete. If people go to the ministry instead, starting from handing documents from the ground […]

Green Industry Initiative

MIH has called for companies to investigate alternative, renewable energy sources, which will in turn reduce energy costs, strengthen production capacity and promote value added industries – industries that go beyond producing only raw materials without incurring additional costs. The Green Industry Workshop aims to promote efficient, renewable and clean energy usage among Cambodia’s major […]

Developed Inspection Guidebook

The guidebook is develop to ensure SMEs are clear on the laws regarding government inspections and to help prevent extortion attempts by corrupt inspectors. The guidelines cover a range of inspections, from food hygiene to health and safety. See original documents here and here.