Khmer Association for Development of Countryside (KAFDOC) is a non-profit NGO located in Kratie Province in Cambodia. It was founded on 23rd of October 1993 by a group of former refugees and professors who work for Community development in Kratie province to analyze Khmer farmers’ needs in rural areas in order to improve the quality of life and sustainable social and economic development.

KAFDOC was registered by the Ministry of the Interior on 13th of December 1994. It has been legally registered by the Royal Government of Cambodia working towards poverty reduction, in lines with its National Poverty Reduction Strategy at provincial level and grass-roots community level in Cambodia.

Over 20 years, KAFDOC has worked with the rural communities to improve people’s living conditions. KAFDOC renders assistance to vulnerable and poor women, children, disabled people and farmer groups who live in economic hardship and who face constant barriers to their empowerment and their social participation.

KAFDOC’s Main Activities

KAFDOC is currently working in Kratie Province, where it covers 4 Districts and 1 Municipality with 15 Communes, 33 Villages, in Mondulkiri Province, where it covers 1 District, 3 Communes and 12 Villages, and in Stung Treng province where it covers 2 districts and 10 communes.

KAFDOC offers programs focusing on income-generating activities, improving education, healthcare and agricultural production, promoting child rights, gender equity, good governance and reducing disaster risks.

Partnership with Ponlok Chomnes

Supported by Ponlok Chomnes, KAFDOC is conducting a research study about “challenges in learning and effects of primary schools’ dropouts” at the countryside in Kratie province. This study aims to identify:

  • the number of students and teachers in 30 target primary schools.
  • the number of school dropouts,
  • the number of poorly performed students,
  • causes of school dropouts, causes of grade repetition and other challenges facing children’s learning at primary school
  • incentives to encourage students to study
  • means to improve students’ performance

This study will contribute to improving education strategy in order to address dropout issue and also improve students’ performance at primary schools in Kratie province.

Publications by KAFDOC under Ponlok Chomnes Program

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