My Village (MVi) was founded in November 2006 and officially registered with the Ministry of Interior in 25 January 2007 by a group of staff from an organization called Women for Peace and the Environment (SSP). Ever since, MVi became a recognized local NGO working for Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Natural Resources Management. MVi encourages ownership and participation of Indigenous Peoples as its approaches to protect their land and natural resources.

MVi’s Main Activities

MVi is operating in Northeast provinces of Cambodia, in particular in Mondulkiri, Kratie and Stung Treng, and focuses on organizing community forestry, helping indigenous people learn about their rights, helping empower women, and providing facilitation in communities to undertake various development projects.

MVi has worked in collaboration with community networks, provincial and national NGO networks, and line of government institutions at the national and provincial level such as Provincial Halls, Forestry Administration, Department of Agriculture, Department of Environment, Department of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, and Department of Rural Development.

Partnership with Ponlok Chomnes

Funded by DFAT through The Asia Foundation, MVi is implementing an action research study on “Investigation of Impacts of COVID19 Pandemics on Local Indigenous Communities’ Socioeconomics” by targeting three districts, five communes, five villages and one province. This research project is expected to investigate socio-economic impacts on indigenous communities as a result of COVID-19 pandemics and to explore coping strategies for recovery to improve the socio-economic conditions of indigenous communities. The research findings will be used to inform decision-makers or policy-makers for better policy development which benefits indigenous communities. The research findings can also inform development  plan of sub-national authorities in order to respond to the needs of indigenous communities that have been obstructed by COVID-19. The CSOs and local communities could use this research findings to develop and design their intervention to address the socio-economics of indigenous communities.

Publications by MVi under Ponlok Chomnes

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