The Ministry of Education, Youth, & Sport (MoEYS) is supporting its partner Kampuchea Action to Promote Education (KAPE) in establishing the New Generation Pedagogical Research Center (NGPRC) to facilitate the expansion of New Generation School (NGS) programming to the teacher education sector, where young teachers can be specially trained to work in an NGS setting.

The establishment of the Center is a major event that raises the visibility of NGS reforms on the national stage, and highlights the need for long-term and systematic investment in young educational leaders who can have a long-lasting impact on educational reforms in Cambodia. Because the NGPRC will be a permanent institution on the National Institute of Education campus, MoEYS and KAPE – who manage the Center on MoEYS’ behalf – believe that modest investments can have a major impact far beyond the Center itself.

The Center’s vision is to change the character of Cambodian schools so that there is a built-in mechanism animated by experienced school-based ‘Mentors’ who can help teachers grow both professionally and morally to make their schools exciting and engaging places to learn.

NGPRC’s Main Activities

NGPRC has been empowered by MoEYS to confer a Master’s Degree of Education in Mentoring upon graduates who successfully complete a one-year course of study. The intensive course comprises 30 modules plus a 3-month practicum at Preah Sisovath High School and Prek Leap High School, two New Generation Schools located in Phnom Penh. The Center will also be undertaking research to ensure the degree program reflects the latest trends in educational development.

The instructional program syllabus contains four curricular streams addressing Professional Ethics & Mentoring, English for Educational Research, ICT in Education, and General Methodological Systems & Principles. NGPRC is also establishing its position as an educational research center by expanding its research agenda to fully support the Center’s vision and provide more evidence-based implementation strategies to further advance the Cambodian education system.

Partnership with Ponlok Chomnes

Through the Ponlok Chomnes program, TAF is supporting KAPE in conducting research to evaluate the effectiveness of teacher mentoring as a capacity-building approach for improving classroom teaching.

Publications by KAPE under Ponlok Chomnes Program

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