Established in 1990, CDRI is the leading independent development policy research institute in Cambodia. CDRI focuses on five research areas on economics and trade, agriculture and rural development, governance and society, education and workforce development, and environment and climate change. Within these areas of focus, the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 also enables CDRI to adjust the current research programmes and pursue new research directions to respond to new emerging trends and support the evidence needs of policymakers toward post-pandemic future development in Cambodia and the region.

Our institute has around 50 experienced researchers who are committed to delivering high-quality policy research papers. We have produced numerous impactful and reliable policy recommendations for policymakers and stakeholders. In the last 15 years, CDRI’s Annual Outlook Conference has always been presided over by the Prime Minister and participated by ministers and leaders in the private and development sector. CDRI is also a key player in organising and engaging in policy dialogues and workshops at national and regional levels.

Center for Educational Research and Innovation’s Main Activities

We have implemented multi-year research grants on Generational Changes and its Impact on Society and Politics with Sida, Greater Mekong Sub-region Covid-19 Impacts on Gender Equality and Democratic Governance with Canada’s IDRC, Cambodia Gender and Inclusive Development Analysis with USAID, Improving Climate Change Adaptation and Natural Resource Governance in Cambodia and the study on Impact of Climate Change Programs in Cambodia with UNDP, Network for Agriculture and Rural Development Think-tanks for Countries in Mekong Sub-region with IFAD, Higher Education Reform and Innovation in Cambodia with DFAT and TAF, and Policy Scoping Study on Green Economy with UNITAR.

We also publish outlook and policy briefs, synthesis and working papers, and engage in policy dialogues with national and subnational government officials and civil society and development partner representatives. We have received a lot of support and good recognition, which has led us to develop a wide range of networks across the country and regions.

CDRI’s Activities under Ponlok Chomnes II

With Ponlok Chomnes II, CDRI will explore three ‘opportunity cases’. The first case delves into the intersection of climate change, migration and livelihood. The second case addresses inclusion and quality issues in education. The third case examines livelihood resilience in rural villages. It addresses the extent to which economic growth benefits marginalized groups, emphasizing the inclusivity of socio-economic progress using longitudinal data. In line with CDRI’s strategic goal, the three cases will boost CDRI’s research impact on Cambodian government’s policies. The project also aims to enhance research capacity and scientific communication.

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